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SofLens 59 / Bausch & Lomb 2 Week

Type: 1-2 Week Disposable Contacts
Manufacturer: Bausch & Lomb Contacts

Order SofLens 59 / Bausch & Lomb 2 Week Contact Lenses

123Lens can save you money on SofLens 59 / Bausch & Lomb 2 Week.  We specialize in superior customer service and great deals on lenses.  SofLens 59 contacts are 1-2 week disposable contact lenses from Bausch & Lomb Contacts. SofLens 59 contact lenses are manufactured with special deposit resistant materials to reduce the amount of deposits that build up on your lenses and keep your eyes comfortable throughout the day. 1-2 Week Disposable Contacts are the convenient choice for most patients because the lenses are worn and discarded without having to clean and care for them every day, making SofLens 59 / Bausch & Lomb 2 Week Contact Lenses a good choice for those new to wearing contacts. SofLens 59 lenses are made of hilafilcon A with a water content of 59% for optimum comfort.


100% Money Back Guarantee

YES, we GUARANTEE that you will receive the exact type and brand Money Back Guaranteeof contact lenses specified in your doctor’s prescription. Each pair of contact lenses will arrive sealed in manufacturer’s sterile vials or your entire purchase will be refunded. We also guarantee that all contact lenses will be delivered free of any manufacturer defects or we will replace them at no additional cost.

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